We accept used canoes, kayaks and paddleboards for sale on a consignment basis during our two demo and sale weekends every year.

Here's the particulars:
Due to the logistics involved, we ask that a few simple guidelines are followed. Consignment boats/boards will be accepted Tuesday through Thursday, the week of the sale, from 11am - 5pm, and must be picked up by Sunday evening, by 5pm if they do not sell. We keep 10% of the sale price if you want store credit or 30% if you would like a check. We are happy to assist you in pricing your boat/board fairly. We’ve had an excellent success rate with consignment sales, so please feel free to take advantage of it. Sorry, we cannot accept kit, folding boats, inflatables or accessories.

Please bring boats/boards CLEAN and ready to sell (NO MISSING PARTS). We reserve the right to turn away boats that are unsafe, worn out or dirty.


2020 Drop Off Dates 
April 21-23, 2020
There is a non-refundable $10 (cash) handling fee per boat.

CONSIGNMENT FORM - fill this out and bring with your boat or paddleboard at drop off.


41 Bridge St

PO Box 336

Collinsville, CT 06022

Tel: 860-693-6977




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