The Ultimate Touring Board now comes in a higher volume that adds another 100lbs of payload. In addition, it now has four through holes for staking, locking or adding an electronic fish finder, This is an excellent displacement fishing board with plenty of options for accessories. New for 2018, the Pau Hana Endurance is a rugged touring board built for off the grid adventures as well. The hull of the board is protected with Ricochet so that it can withstand contact with rocks, logs, or any other hard things that may come across it’s path. The board glides smoothly and is easy to paddle even when fully loaded with 90 lbs of equipment. Strategically placed Seamounts add to the utility of the board for securely holding down gear in the front or the rear of the board. The deck pad provides a comfortable sleeping platform and is designed to accommodate a bivy sack when pulled on to the land. Handles in the front and rear make it easy to pull out of the water and drag across the ground. Named after Ernest Shackleton’s famous trans-antarctic attempt at the turn of the century, this board is dedicated to the hardy characters who choose create their own adventure.

  • Specs

    Length: 12’
    Width: 30"
    Thick: 6.5"
    Weight: 31.5 LBS
    Volume: 260 L


    Beginner | 237 LBS
    Intermediate | 271 LBS
    Advanced | 317 LBS

  • Features

    • Ricochet Impact Resistant Technology
    • Extra soft pad doubles as a sleeping platform
    • Extra Handles Make board easier to carry
    • Strategically placed SeaMounts means that you can spend more time out on the water and bring all your gear with you
  • Construction

    Fins | Single 9" Fin

    Core | EPS Core

    Deck | EVA Pad

    Seamounts | 35


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