Swift Cruiser 12.6 Pack


Dubbed the ‘Mini Cruiser’ by designer David Yost and the R&D team, it’s the smallest of the Cruiser series but has personality of a boat much larger. Remarkably quick for its length and with rounded chines carrying significant tumblehome, there is a calming stability under any conditions. With a lower profile suited to medium sized users, the paddling station blends comfort and function using forward-thinking design. Paddling motion is unrestricted by means of a moderate 11” centre depth, and the 28” maximum width is tucked just aft of the seat, allowing the paddler to cruise freely and comfortably. There is a deceptively large amount of interior volume, allowing you to pack your necessities with room to spare for longer trips. With a modern bow shape providing seaworthiness and a recurved stem for ultra-modern sleekness, the Cruiser 12.6 is part of a new era in Pack boat design.


Price shown is for Kevlar Fusion. For more detailed pricing and options please follow this link.

  • Specs

    Optimum Load Range: 120-260 lbs.

    Industry Capacity: 375 lbs.

    Length: 12' 6"

    Gunwale Width: 23.5”

    Maximum Width: 28“

    Waterline Width: 25”

    Centre Depth: 11”

    Bow Rocker: 2”

    Stern Rocker: 1”

  • Standard Options

    • Carbon Kevlar Trim

    • Carbon Decks, Handles, Thwarts

    • Carbon Seat base

    • Adjustable Kayak Foobraces

    • Two Tone Colour

    • Adjustable Back Band

  • Weights

    Kevlar Fusion
    Carbon Kevlar Trim: 22 lbs.


    Carbon Fusion
    Carbon Kevlar Trim: 20 lbs.


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