The figurehead of a new era in Pack boat design and performance, the Cruiser 14.8 is coming soon.

Masterfully combining length, volume, and stability, the Cruiser 14.8 is the most versatile Pack boat Swift has ever designed. If you spend your backcountry adventures travelling light and fast the Cruiser 14.8 provides the speed of a touring kayak with the volume of a solo canoe, allowing you to pack without worry and portage with ease. Offering mid-range volume coupled with exceptional speed, the Cruiser 14.8 bears a design signature unlike anything on the market. Tucked-in gunnels at the forefront of the paddling station provide water access like a C1 racing canoe for maximum efficiency, and a rounded hull with a modern raised bow create stability comparable to a touring or recreational kayak. Snappy on the turn when leaned over in tight quarters, and more than capable if the waves come up, the Cruiser 14.8 is designed to handle whatever your adventures may entail.  


Price shown is for Kevlar Fusion. For more detailed pricing and options please follow this link.

  • Specs

    Optimum Load Range: 140-280 lbs.

    Industry Capacity: 400 lbs.

    Length: 14' 8"

    Gunwale Width: 23.5”

    Maximum Width: 27.5“

    Waterline Width: 25”

    Centre Depth: 11”

    Bow Rocker: 2”

    Stern Rocker: 1”

  • Standard Options

    • Carbon Kevlar Trim

    • Carbon Decks, Handles, Thwarts

    • Carbon Seat base

    • Adjustable Kayak Foobraces

    • Two Tone Colour

    • Adjustable Back Band

  • Weights

    Kevlar Fusion
    Carbon Kevlar Trim: 25 lbs.


    Carbon Fusion
    Carbon Kevlar Trim: 23 lbs.


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