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PatchNRepair Repair Patch

Size: 3x10

Price:  $ 18.95 
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Size: 4x6

Price:  $ 13.95 
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Size: 5x8

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PatchNRepair is a tough, formable patch that excels in repairing breaks, cracks, and holes on almost any hard, non-porous surface.

  • It's easy to use. Clean the surface with alcohol, cut the patch to size, heat it until pliable, remove the paper backing and apply the patch. No muss, no fuss.
  • When cool, the patch forms a strong, structural repair that can be sanded, drilled and painted. 
  • You need to heat the patch to approximately 194 degrees F before forming to the repair area. 
  • The patch provides a waterproof, permanent seal. 
  • Bonds well to a wide variety of materials, including polyethylene, which is notoriously difficult to repair.
  • Since there's no liquid adhesive, the repair is non-messy and environmentally friendly.
  • Not for use on pressurized tanks and lines, or in contact with petroleum products.


Dimensions: 3" x 10", 4" x 6", 5" x 8"
Features: Use on hard, non-porous surfaces
No adhesive needed, use heat to apply
Provides a waterproof, permanent seal

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